Entanglement in spinor Bose gases via entropic uncertainty relations


We develop a theoretical framework to witness entanglement in spinor Bose gases using entropic uncertainty relations. Simultaneous measurements of two non-commuting spin observables (here $S_x$ and $Q_{yz}$) allows for direct access to a quasi-probability distribution [Fig. 1(b)] and its associated entropy. In the Gaussian regime this corresponds to the Husimi distribution and Wehrl entropy, respectively. We simulate the system via the truncated Wigner approximation and perform a covariance analysis of the distribution [Fig. 1(c)]. We observe a non-zero Wehrl mutual information $I_W$ [Fig. 1(d)], where $I_W > 0$ is a perfect entanglement witness as it measures only the quantum correlations (given the initial state has zero classical correlations). Future work will extend the analysis to the non-Gaussian regime to understand the long-time behaviour of entanglement.

May 26, 2021 — May 28, 2021
Online (due to COVID)
Oliver Stockdale
Oliver Stockdale
Physics Graduate

My interests include scientific communication, applying my knowledge of physics to solve problems, as well as teaching maths and physics