Vortex ordering appears in Australian Physics

A summary of our work on vortex ordering in two-dimensional superfluids has recently been published in the magazine Australian Physics.

Along with Matt Reeves and Matt Davis, I have written a summary article about our collective work on vortices in two-dimensional superfluids over the past few years. It has been published by the Australian Institute of Physics in their quarterly magazine Australian Physics.

We discuss various results such as those which recently confirmed Lars Onsager’s theory on vortex ordering (found here) as well as results which describe how superfluids dissipate energy via vortices (found here).

Currently, only members of the Australian Institute of Physics can read the article. However, after one year the publication becomes open access and anyone can access it!

I look forward to people reading it and, as always, welcome comments and feedback!

Oliver Stockdale
Oliver Stockdale
PhD student in Physics

My research interests include ultracold quantum gases, entanglement detection, entropic uncertainty relations, and superfluidity