Vortex matter appears in PRX

Distribution of vortex matter for increasing energy at fixed angular momentum. Credit: Matt Reeves & Tyler Neely.

Our new paper, Turbulent Relaxation to Equilibrium in a Two-Dimensional Quantum Vortex Gas, has recently been published in Physical Review X!

In this paper, we study the high-energy phases of vortex matter in a superfluid quasi-2D Bose-Einstein condensate. These phases have eluded experimental detection before due to the requirements of very low dissipation and loss in experiments.

We show the emergence of off-axis equilibrium phases from highly nonequilibrium initial conditions, as well as thermalisation to equilibrium states within experimental timescales.

The experimental results we present are in close agreement with our theoretical and numerical calculations within mean field theory.

Our results offer insight into the long-debated vortex mass and maximum entropy theories, as well as establishing the validity of the point-vortex approximation for real superfluid systems.

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Oliver Stockdale
Oliver Stockdale
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