Top-hats emerge in a chiral vortex fluid

Our latest paper was recently published in Physical Review Research. We studied the collective dynamics of many vortices in a two-dimensioanl superfluid to learn more about their chaotic behaviour.

We demonstrate that any cluster of same-sign vortices expands to form a ‘Rankine vortex’, which then expands self-similarly in time.

We use a relatively new theory that describes collections of vortices as a fluid, i.e., we solve the hydrodynamics of vortex fluids. In addition to the analytical result, we provide numerical and experimental evidence to support our findings.

Check out the summary I wrote that appeared in

A very similar article can be found in Scimex, where we better show the ‘top-hat’ nature.

Comments are very welcome, and hopefully we can build our knowledge upon this work!

Oliver Stockdale
Oliver Stockdale
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