Eureka Prize Finalist

The Australian Quantum Vortex Team has been announced as a finalist in the Scientific Research category for the Eureka Prize awarded by the Australian Museum.

The two UQ teams in the UQ Quantum Optics Lab

The Australian Quantum Vortex Team, a collaboration between The University of Queensland (UQ), Monash University, Swinburne University of Technology, and University of Otago (from New Zealand!) has been nominated as a finalist in the Scientific Research category for the Australian Museum Eureka Prize.

As part of this team, we are being recognised for the research we published last year where we verified 70 year-old predictions about the dynamics of superfluid vortices. These results were carried out in three different experiments.

The first UQ team performed these experiments in a ultracold gas of rubidium atoms, as did the Monash team. The second UQ team performed their experiments in thin films of superfluid helium-4.

Each of these independent studies, which beautifully used both theory and experiment, were published in the journal Science.

More infomation can be found in the press release from UQ.

Fingers crossed for the announcemnt of the winner in November!

Oliver Stockdale
Oliver Stockdale
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